Right now Yamanashi is in the middle of hot summer, the season of overwhelming heat and humidity. This is the time you step outside for five minutes to be drenched in sweat, yelling out “atsui” (it’s hot!) about five-hundred times. However, it is also the season of countless matsuri, festivals, including many hanabimatsuri, sunflower festival, and Yoshida Fire Festival. This is also the time you have more than enough excuse to be eating ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Yes, the heat of Yamanashi can be extreme sometimes, but with ice cream in our both hands and hanabi right in front of our eyes, we are happy exactly where we are right now.

We are also very happy to be able to share some of the things we love about Yamanashi through another edition of Grapevine. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did writing them.


Francisca Park & Daniela Kikuchi, GV editors


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Editor’s Note and Table of Contents
Into the battlefield
The JENESYS 2:0 Programme in Yamanashi
Little adventure near center of Kofu: Hiking Yumurayama and Shiroyama
Sister Cities: The Peak of Friendship
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