This past year has certainly been a busy year in Yamanashi. From hosting an orchestra from Brazil, to welcoming a group of over 100 farmers from Iowa—and all the exciting events in between—2016 was certainly a very international year for Yamanashi. This trend will only continue as Yamanashi gears up for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, happening in Tokyo Prefecture right next door.

Our issue this time is inspired by the new slogan—Shūmatsu wa, Yamanashi ni imasu (On weekends, I’m in Yamanashi). There are so many different things to try in this prefecture, and we’ve geared our issue towards encouraging people to do just that. Whether it’s visiting an onsen and trying vegetarian food, or going sake tasting and then hiking around Aokigahara, we hope that our readers will be inspired to come and enjoy all that Yamanashi has to offer. In this issue, we have provided double the content in lieu of publishing a second issue in 2016. We have also included a seasonal events spread to help you choose when to come! We hope you enjoy this issue!

Brandon Moore and Kendra Evans, GV editors


Table Of Contents

1. Editor’s Note and Table of Contents
2. Yamanashi Flavours
3.  Yamanashi Cycling Tour Project
4. Vegetarian Options Everyone Can Enjoy
5. The Town of Hayakawa
6. Seasonal Events
7. Sake
8. A Day at the Onsen – Mitama-no-yu
9. Kitchen Ohana – A Healthy Lifestyle
10. Rediscovering the Sights of Aokigahara

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